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Cascade series 3 rack mixers

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asked Dec 19, 2022 in Completed Feature Requests by samainslie (120 points)
I know this isn't currently an option on these desks but I do hope that with an update it is possible to connect 2+ series 3 rack units to expand I/O. Soundcraft had an update which allowed to cascade when it didn't previously SO I'm hoping it can be implemented in this line as it would be a game changer for my generation who are more and more moving away from console style mixing. Either by cat5 or ethernet?

I have a 32r and have run out of I/O with my 16 piece band performing to click/track. I use all inputs including Aux in's and all aux mixs etc. As mentioned above I love the convenience of a rack mixer and do not wish to move to a console.

Universal Audio do this in console and I’m sure isn’t impossible to cascade/daisy chain multiple digital desks and have them be seen in UC. Having Aux’s across 2 pages and the main window just having to scroll across more.

Thank you

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answered Dec 26, 2022 by kirkenihalden (750 points)
The problem isn't really I/O (I've used a 32R with a NSB 8.8 many times), but max numbers of channels.

There is nothing stopping you from running a setup with multiple rackmixers as submixers and e.g. send the master or a bunch of stems from each submixers to the "main mixer" over AVB. However, it sounds like what you are really asking for is an SL64R...