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Improvements of the DAW mode / UCNET remote between StudioLive Series III console mixers and Studio One

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asked Apr 3, 2020 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by francilien (1,730 points)
edited Apr 29, 2020 by francilien

Hello Presonus,

I love my StudioLive 64S as pretty much all StudioLive (Series III) console mixer customers do I'm sure but the DAW mode (let's say with your Studio One DAW in priority) is clearly the console section you can and should clearly improve. In order to improve the Studio part of our StudioLive consoles. wink

Few ideas to start:

1. Add more knobs (currently 2 pages of UCNET Remote controls so 16 assignable knobs) and buttons (currently only one page, so 8 assignable buttons) of our StudioLive Series III console mixers assignable via UCNET Remote (DAW mode) on Studio One, that would be really appreciated!

Because the 8 screens (dedicated to the control of the Studio One & 3rd party plugins we add on our different tracks when we are in DAW mode, with the plugin selected) we find on these mixers are really helpful. Because of their combination with the knobs and buttons below them. 

BTW pages are easy to access on both StudioLive 32S & 64S (+ 16, 24 & 32 models) with dedicated buttons.

2. Speaking about the 8 little screens we find on the consoles (StudioLive 32S, 64S + 16, 24 & 32 models), it would be great to have the possibility to edit the text label associated to each plugin parameter we control via UCNET Remote because plugin editors don't optimise these labels to our console screens (and limited characters displayed) and these labels are displayed on the console screens... Sometimes it's incredible how these labels are horrible (one special thought for Izotope's Ozone 9 EQ parameters).

3. Just an idea but in terms of button controls, maybe we can use the 8 user function buttons of our StudioLive consoles (32SX, 32S, 64S + 24 & 32 models) to control the plugin parameters we want when we are in DAW Mode using the UCNET Remote. Have the possibility to choose for each of these user function buttons if we want them to control a plugin parameter (evolution needed) or a Studio One action (already possible). That can be a way to add 8 more customized controls of our plugins with 8 other buttons of the console than the ones we find on the Fat Channel Control section of the consoles.

4. Other idea: the 4 buttons we find on our consoles dedicated to the FXs (on the Mix Select section of the consoles) can be used to select the plugins placed on each track of our Studio One projects.

More clearly, press the "FX A" / "A" console button can do the same job as tapping on the console big screen on the first plugin of the track (or double left-clicking on the plugin name on the track in Studio One), "FX B" / "B" selects the second plugin inserted on the track, and so on and so forth.

5. Have the possibility to control plugin parameters using faders and screens of the console like Faderports can do already. Faders and screens of the channels directly accessible on our console and not just knobs, buttons & screens of the Fat Channel Control section of the consoles. Using the UCNET Remote tool or differently, it doesn't matter. An excellent addition for plugin automations... For StudioLive 32, 32S & 64S that would mean 32 (!) parameters of each plugin directly controlable by faders (+ screens to understand which control it is and its value). Oh no, more: 32 with faders + screens...and even more with knobs, buttons and screens of the Fat Channel Control section of the consoles! heart With so much controls directly available, it can be also great to choose the placement of each plugin parameter on the console... A nice bonus.

6. Always display text labels of plugin parameters controlled by the console's buttons on the screens of the mixers. It can be displayed but ve-ry rarely and randomly. Maybe just a bug to fix but anyway here is an example of the issue:

7. Hide automatically Studio One bus tracks of the tracks being located on the left side of the consoles when these bus tracks are already presented on the 8 last tracks of the consoles (so on the right side of the consoles) after pushing the consoles's "Mix/FX Master" button. Without this evolution it means that bus tracks can be displayed twice on the consoles and it's a workflow downside.

7 first ideas, don't hesitate to propose more on the comments.

We have so much buttons, knobs & screens on our consoles that this DAW Mode can much more powerful than what it is right now! laugh

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answered Apr 16, 2020 by jonnydoyle (403,240 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

If anyone else agrees or disagrees, please VOTE!

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answered Apr 29, 2020 by moondance2009 (1,130 points)
The implementation on this topic really need attention...these parameters really need fixed. ASAP.

StudioLive 32 S

I personally vote for this fix 100%
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answered Mar 17, 2021 by michaelreust1 (2,470 points)
I absolutely want to be able to assign any parameter to any fader.  That would make this mixer work a lot better for performative things. Also, we really need more configurability on the user page of UCNET, in that you currently can't assign the same parameter from two different channels, to two different knobs in UCNET.  You're required to switch back and forth between channels.
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answered Feb 15, 2023 by enzooriginal (570 points)
edited Feb 15, 2023 by enzooriginal
- Add 8 DAW user buttons in USER FUCTION with the shif button engaged, that way we can program 8 more macros or shortcuts

-Add more knobs  pages on the Fat Channel Control/UCNET Remote controls ( asked by francilien )

- Ability of having our favorite plugins list when we press shift+FX knob at the top of the list (same as pin in the projects page )

-Ability to assign the rotary Fat Channel Control to the pipline plugin ( Input & Output )

-Assign the Aux input with the Fat Channel Control as on the instrument tracks

- Indicate the assigned function of the 8 Fat Channel Control buttons on the bottom of the small screens as is the case in Console mode ( asked by francilien )

- Differentiate Knob from 1 to 16 in user mode and without

-Ability to assign functions and/or macros to the 17 buttons of the fat channel control which are useless in daw mode ( Analog,USB... ) That way we can program macros for our favorite gate on the gate button, favorite comp on the comp button...

-Ability to save the Fat Channel Control settings in a file to have a backup