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Arrangement Grid needs to be more visual

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asked Dec 28, 2022 in Look and Feel by kiliankmusic (280 points)


I recently switched from FL Studio due to the enhanced workflow in S1, which I love. However, one thing that really botheres me, is that the grid is really easy to get lost in.

Ableton and FL Studio do have an "easy" UI-solution for that, as they mark every 4 bars in a slightly different contrast. This in combination with thicker bars on the 1 would make it much more easy to stay in structure for everyone. 


Hope that makes sense. Also really like this feature request, S1 offers :) 

Kind regards

Kilian K 

2 Answers

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answered Apr 7 by Michael1985 (12,700 points)
Hello, making the contrast of the grid, automation lanes, events, the playhead, the track headers and the selection much much more visible is a major issue.

What also could be better if the grid is not disappearing when zooming out so fast. In Pro Tools as example the fine grid is visible very long.
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answered May 19 by alexanderhutchings (820 points)
That would be nice. Adding contrast slightly increases the boldness but it's not much. Maybe a slider for this would be a good solution