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Feature Requsts List - PLEASE! [Needs to be split into individual topics]

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asked Sep 25, 2022 in Mixing by jackchicago (1,840 points)

-2. Everything here, please:

-1. Everything here, please

0. Spatial audio, and everything here, please

1. Video editing, please.

2. When right-clicking one or more tracks and choosing "add bus for selected channels" ... it should not open the mixing console automatically, this destroys workflow; why would trigger this from the tracks view if I wanted to be in the mixing console ? Instead just add the new bus to the tracks view IF I have ticked "automatically create automation tracks for channels" in preferences, please.

3. Add hot keys and macros for choosing colors for events and tracks, please.

4. Add VENDER to columns in device list in performance monitor, please.

5. Allow user to set default colors for new tracks, new buses, new fx channels, etc., please.

6. Make a way to automatically translate between mac<>windows keyboard shortcuts schemes to share schemes between Mac and Windows machines, please.

7. In some color schemes, hitting tab to move to the next text box does not work. Make it always work, please.

8. The input gain knobs in inspector DO NOT always show up. Often I have to double click the track to open the mix console, and then close the mix console, and then go back to inspector and it's there. If I've chosed to see input gain knobs, make them consistently present in the channels as well as the inspector, please.

9. The inserts drop-down menu (and other menus in similar uses) should have "store/replace/enable/remove" at the top of the list, before the user-generated folders. I've created a lot of user-gen. presets and chains, etc. and I have to scroll all the way down to the bottom to "remove all". Really, when the static functions such as "store" and "remove all" are optional, they should always be presented as a primary function, above user-gen. folders, or as buttons, or hotkeys, etc. Can you adjust this, please?

10. When adding several targets to a knob in a Channel's Macro Controls ("macro knob"), can you create a SINGLE AUTOMATION LANE that works for all the selected targets in one lane, please? I figured out that all the targets need to be on the same automation write/touch/latch mode and they all print the same automation to their own lanes, but really if the Macro Knob is truly a Macro Knob with multiple targets, make it just one lane, so we don't have to go in and make the same edit over and over again after writing, or so that we can draw it once and not have to copy and paste several times in different lanes, please.

11. Izotope RX ARA, please.

12. For FX Routing for Event FX and Input Channels there is No button (relative to the Channel Editor button in Console) to edit the channel. May you add this, please?

13. Please add the ability to automate Event FX even thought it's not necessary and in a very cool and intuitive way that works, please.

14. Make every single window's size adjustable, especially File > Rename and Renaming Presets, (but please do this for ALL of the windows possible). Please.

14.1 Add horizontal scroll to all windows, especially "Do you want to remove these unused files" and "Do you want to copy these external files to the Media folder" windows , for long directory names that go across the screen, please.

15. When in the pool, triggering SHOW ON TRACK should automatically close the mixing console and editor and zoom in and highlight the event on the track. As of now, it's very difficult to see the selection on track, especially in certain color schemes. If this could be loud and obvious when selecting on track it'd happen in a flash and allow for faster workflow, please.

16. REAL-TIME INPUT QUANTIZE IN SHOWS , so whatever I play is auto-quantized to my Grid/Metronome/Groove, please.

17. Add "ruler" and "tempo" to global track visibility list in Editor view, please.

18. Add "snap to secondary ruler", please.

19. Add video and audio live stream direclty from S1, so we don't need audiomovers or Zoom or OBS or loopback. Basically build in the efficiencies and functions of Zoom, Loopback, OBS and Aduiomovers into S1, please. :)

20. Improve the Browser's "File" tab, allowing for Custom columns, sorting, more detailed metadata columns/fields in Browser (like PT), please.

21. Improve (greatly) the Macro Organizer, for example add the Option to SEARCH and SORT by Name, Group and Description columns in the Macro Organizer, etc., please.

22. Add the ability to Search for keyboard shortcuts (keys and key combinations) in the Keyboard Shortcuts window, just like Celemony Melodyne allows for hotkey searches, please.

23. Add the option for "New Root Tab from Song Folder" or "Song Folder to New Root Tab" option in Browser > Files menu, please.

24. Add "Store Send Chain" (like FX Chain) to Sends drop-down menu, please.

25. Add a way to "Goto in Web Browser" directly from S1 [programmable Keyboard Shortcut/Button], please.

26. Allow us to change the order of Macro buttons but draging left/right, and more Macro Button customization in general, please.

27. Add a symbol like (*) next to a Scene that has been changed, to notify you that a Scene has been changed and to update that scense or not, please.

28. When hittin the plus button (+) in the inserts section of a channel, and then searching in the text box, allow for user-generated presets AND Fx Chains to come up in search, please.

29. Allow for "MOVE TO ORIGIN" to work for LAYERS and MIDI and MUSICLOOP CONTENTS; otherwise have to drag them in as tracks first, Move to Origin , then drag them to layers. Layers that you drag in from the Pool are not moveable in the Timeline/Arrangement View/Sequencer as they should be. Please.

30. Be able to Dissolve Merged Instrument Parts , just the same way that you can Dissolve Merged Audio Parts. Please.

I'll edit this list after S1 6 is released. Thanks!

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answered Sep 26, 2022 by Lukas Ruschitzka (256,440 points)
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According to the rules, you need to create single topics for each feature request so that people can vote for each of them separately.

This topic will be deleted a few days.
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answered Sep 25, 2022 by wdkbeats (1,550 points)
Great list! I'd love to see all these features in S1 v6
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answered Sep 25, 2022 by careybruce2 (180 points)
Please add samples played in browser to follow chord track.