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Third Party Plugin Management Could Be More... Manageable

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asked Dec 28, 2022 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by Paul Ferguson (190 points)
Third party plugin management needs to be more transparent and more controllable.

* The first time you launch StOne, it automatically scans for every VST on your machine. Why? Why not allow the user to point the DAW toward the plugin folder(s)?

* View>Plugin Manager is less than intuitive. Why drag and drop unwanted plugins from the main list to the Blocklist? A right click + 'remove plugin' would be way more intuitive.

* The manual needs to be clearer on this. It says: "you can even manually add a plug-in to the Blocklist by dragging and dropping it from Studio One’s Browser". Well sure, but how about 'if you want to remove a plugin from the mainlist, drag and drop it in the Blocklist'?

StOne's workflow is very smooth, but plugin management is not clear and intuitive.

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