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If I'm working on a temporary project with some one, is it ok to let them use my Sphere login?

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asked Dec 31, 2022 in Studio One+ by johnnelson20 (160 points)
I understand the policy of being able to install Studio One on five different computers, and that they can only be used by me on those various computers. But is it possible to have someone temporarily use my sphere and install it on their system? I need an extra pair of hands to do a basic analog tape-to-computer transfer, and I would rather have the files placed in a Studio One file project and then uploaded to my storage. We will both need to do this at the same time, but I will deactivate his computer from my account the moment we are done. He's not someone who has any interest in audio beyond what I'm asking him to do, and we both don't have the budget to get him a subscription at this moment. However, if wishes to continue doing so, he'll obviously need to purchase his own subscription

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answered Mar 4, 2023 by richcresswell1 (3,210 points)
You should never give anyone your login details for Sphere, it is never 100% safe giving anyone any details you log into for any service you use!
You can share your workspaces with non-sphere members by navigating to the workspace and selecting 'manage collaborators.
You send them an email invite from here, they create a FREE account to log into, keeping your login SAFE.