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S1 Feature Request : Customizable Track Controls

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asked Dec 16, 2022 in Look and Feel by princeagrawal (13,570 points)

Please allow the ability to customize what controls are visible on a track in arrangement view.

Currently only a default set of controls are shown on the track, without any way to customize them. 

  • For instance many users coming from Pro tools would like the Inserts and Sends to be visible on the track itself without having to open up the mixer console or track inspector.
  • I for one, would like to see the Timebase and Chord follow mode of each track on the track itself without having to open up the track inspector for each individual track separately.
  • Also in some cases, users would want the track panning to be seen at a quick glance on the tracks themselves, without having to open the console or track inspector. 
  • For folks not using multiple MIDI channels on instrument tracks and having every MIDI track on just channel no.1, showing MIDI channel is just cluttering things up. So they might not want to see it on their track. 
  • While working on compositions, it would be nice to have the retrospective MIDI record button visible on the track itself and not only on the inspector.
  • For instrument tracks, one might not want to see the Layers controls visible on the tracks, to unclutter things up.
Again these are only some of the things that I would, at some point in the course of a session/song, like to see on the tracks themselves. But the ability to customize what's visible on the track and what's not will allow complete flexibility to every user to make things work like the way they want to 
So it would be really easy if one could set the visible track controls for Audio and MIDI tracks separately and maybe even save them as "Track Control Visibility Presets" to recall them in another song or on another computer. 


Many DAWs like Cubase, Reaper, Logic already have this feature in some form. Some of them off course, better than the others. But, I think we can all agree that some freedom in customizing the visible track controls as per the user's requirement is definitely needed in S1 as well. 

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