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Volume adjustment of an Impact XT instrument

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asked Jan 5, 2023 in Studio One 6 by s1231 (200 points)
edited Jan 5, 2023 by s1231
Hello, I have Studio One ver 5.5.2 and love it . . . great job to the developers.

I created a drum pattern with Impact XT (a wood block voice) and this track is visible in the main mixer window and when played, it plays fine except the volume is too high. With all my other tracks (which are audio) I'm able to hit the Automation icon and adjust volume and panning but not for this Impact instrument wood block track.

How can I adjust the volume (and the panning) for my wood block track?

Is there a video that describes how to manage Impact XT and other MIDI content?

Also, for future questions, is it possible to add a screen shot to my question for additional clarity?

Many thanks for any help.

1 Answer

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answered Feb 4, 2023 by tothrec (31,920 points)
Each pad has a gain control under the heading Amp on the right lower side of the instrument.

There is a setting (somewhere) that tells Impact to create a separate console fader for each pad.

With that enabled you can adjust/automate the volume of the pad/sample.

Regarding the ability to add screen shots: yes, please!