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Make Impact XT Multi-Timbral

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asked Nov 17, 2022 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by artjohnson (1,360 points)

I'm trying to make a template with Impact XT pads already separated out to multiple tracks. I'm not saying multiple channels. This Impact already does. I'm talking about making Impact XT multi-timbral so that I can make a template wherein I can choose to do actual finger-drumming and record differing pads on separate tracks simultaneously. In short, I want design a template that includes multiple Impact XT tracks whereby I can record Kick on one track, Snare on the next track, Hi Hat on the next track, et al, arm all of these tracks at the same time and record only one pad per track. Impact XT's current mono-timbral functioning forces me to record all drums on a single track and then "Explode Pitches to Tracks." That means I can't make a template in the manner I describe and am relegated to several extra steps that would be unwarranted if Impact XT was multi-timbral (as it should already be!).

NOTE that I have already made this template with multiple channels, recorded to a single track, and then used Explode Pitches to Tracks to get each pad on a separate track. However, I can't finger-drum like this. If I want to change my pattern significantly, I have to start all over. And since Impact XT is not multi-timbral, if I arm multiple tracks in my template, all drums are recorded to all tracks. It's just not intuitive or hassle free. I though you guys were the "hassle free, drag and drop" guys!

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