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Does the “hold to lock” input button on the StudioLive lock the entire channel or just changing the input

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asked Jan 7 in StudioLive Series III by benjaminvanzee (290 points)
I’ve heard on the StudioLive series 3 consoles it can be easy to bump the different input buttons so you may accidentally switch from the one type of input to another (i.e. analog inputs to a network input).

I see there is a “Hold to lock” message below the “input” button in the Fat Channel section.

I’ve looked all around online and in the manuals but cannot find an answer.

Does the Hold to Lock function only lock changing the input, or does it lock the entire channel from any changes.


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answered Jan 24 by Dorday (4,380 points)

The hold to Lock function only locks the function of the 8 encoders/buttons of the Fat Channel to the options available when the Input button is selected (please see image).  It does not lock the input source buttons for the selected channel.

I hope this helps.