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Can you lock out the channel settings e.g. Input, Mic/Line, and Assign's. once set?

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asked Jan 14 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by waynejimes (2,180 points)
Been getting to grips with the Studiolive series III console, and found that the channel control selection buttons (Inputs -Analog, Network, USB or SD Card/ Mic/Line  +48V, Phase and Assign Main and Subgroup) are way too easy to hit during a mix. It only takes a second slight of hand to take the input off Analog or, as I did, hit the Main assign button by mistake and it all goes quiet.

The buttons are so close to the FAT channel ones you use more often in the mix.

It would be great, and tell me if you can, just to be able to lock out just those buttons, on all channels at once will be fine, after you have line and sound checked. even if its a touchscreen menu or a Shift + something.

Many Thanks.

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answered Jan 14 by wahlerstudios (104,410 points)
selected Jan 15 by waynejimes
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There is an option to lock some functions, but locking buttons and encoders is not included. You may want to check the several options of User Profiles in the "StudioLive_Series_III_OwnersManual_V6_EN_10062019", section 12.2 User Profiles and 12.2.3 Edit User Permissions.

I don't think that the buttons are too easy to activate. You need to push them actively, but not heavily. Would it help to "do" more things on the touchscreen? The whole Fat Channel is represented on the touchscreen, so selecting a function and turning that one encoder could take stress away from the indeed crowded physical Fat Channel area. Very often I use my left hand to mix/move the faders, so my right hand does all the "additional" work, including using a mouse (UC Surface/Capture/Studio One).

So, your request is to add a locking function to physical controls of the mixer (buttons, encoders, faders). The Profiles can solely handle DSP functions, so this might need a lot of DSP power, which the mixers probably do not have anymore.

But the idea is interesting... ;-) Good luck for this feature request!