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StudioLive 32R - Channels Set to USB Stop Working

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asked Jan 9, 2023 in StudioLive Series III by zberto (230 points)
Hi Everyone,

Hoping someone can help me with this. I use a 32R for ear mixes for live shows. We run backing tracks (three channels) via USB from a MacBook using QLab. I set three of my channels on the 32R to USB then set QLab to route the tracks to those channels. This all works just fine...usually. Sometimes the USB channels will all of a sudden stop "receiving" signal. I can see QLab running but the signals are not hitting the 32R. And the only thing that has happened from when it was working to when it stops working is that the rig just sat for half hour to a couple hours (between soundcheck and the show). Pretty sure it's the 32R since the only thing that fixes the issue is power cycling it.

Anyone else dealing with this and possibly have a solution? I have the feeling it has to do with dirty/unstable power. I have this problem and other weird sound issues mostly when the stage is getting power from a generator. But last night it happened at a nice indoor venue with standard power.

I'm pretty sure I'm on the most recent firmware, if not I'm on the one right before that. And I'm on a 2022 MacBook Pro with the most recent version of QLab.


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answered Jan 13, 2023 by Dorday (4,680 points)

Fist I would like to mention that its a good idea to use high quality USB cables...  But I doubt that is the source of your problem.

I have a similar problem with my 64S after I updated to the most recent Universal Control ( and 64S Firmware (  I would first encounter intermittent signal then it would go out completely.  Then the 64S would stop responding to the computer.  I opened a ticket with Presonus and the resolution was to switch the 64S to Compatibility Mode.  I switched it back to 64 Channel Mode and it continued to work.  It fixed the problem initially but days after, it lost connection again.  I switched modes again and it started to work again.

This is very frustrating.  It appears that the drivers for  Studiolive Series III is very unstable.  The most stable firmware I've experienced is Firmware V2.4 along with Universal Control V3.4.  I'll give this current version a couple more weeks of experimentation but I'm afraid I may end up rolling  back to the older more stable version.

Presonus, if you're listening, please give us stable USB drivers for our mixers.

zberto, I hope this helps.  What version of firmware and Universal Control are you running?

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answered Jan 18 by sergiodominguez2 (170 points)
I am having the same issue I have been talking-to customer service as well and the only answer I got was first off I needed a computer that was between 2012 and 2019 MacBook Pro because according to customer service newer Macs have a connectivity issue and so they say to change your 64s to compatibility mode which reduces your channels to 34 can't use 64 which may be understandable but I am using a 2013 MacBook so I don't see how that problem would apply to me but that's the best answer I was able to get from tech support and unfortunately what they recommended I do didn't work I have had many issues with my 64S and honestly tech support hasn't been able to give me any solid solutions all they do is send me links to something that has nothing to do with the problems you may be having I have been having to go to other people on Youtube to get answers due to the fact that Presonus nor any affiliated people will have any solid answers for you I have even sent emails to a guy that is working for presonus and has his Youtube channel and it's been almost 18months since I sent him an email regarding an older studiolive and up till today I still haven't received any response from him so we are out on our own if you ask me as to solving any issues.j But if you are on a 2022 I can understand what they said but why is it happening to me as well if I am running a late 2013 MacBook so it makes no sense