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Suddenly No Sound From USB in Studiolive 32r

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asked Nov 18 in StudioLive Series III by johannesbiegl (170 points)
Hey Guys,

Im Sending Audio from Macbook to the Return-Channel of my Persons Studiolive 32r Desk. Everything is working fine until without doing anything, no signal is coming from Mac to Desk. I have to restart the desk and then it work again.

Any idea what's going on there ?

If send MacBook Protokoll in the next email. One is with the problem and one without.

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answered Nov 18 by scottbeesley (180 points)
I'm having the same issue with my StudioLive 32 following an upgrade from S1 3 to S1 5. It never happened prior to the installation of the new software. I can see signal in the meters on the board. (I work old school using the board as a board, as opposed to a DAW controller.) As with your experience, I too was able to resolve the problem with a re-boot.

Presonus....what say you to this?
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answered Dec 4 by guillaumelanglais (2,340 points)

Exactly same problems, reboot and reboot, many times per day. And Presonus not do absolutely anything. Nothing in the Facebook SL firmware beta