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Does the Studiolive 16.4.2 have the same footprint as the Studiolive 32SC as far as rack mounting is concerned

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asked Jan 18 in StudioLive Series III by Bill D (200 points)
I have a Studiolive 16.4.2 mixer in a rolling case and want to purchase a Studiolive 32SC and use the same rolling case. Are they the same dimentions.


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answered Jan 18 by mackjohnson1 (75,750 points)
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Looking at the tech specs page for each, they're pretty similar.

32SC height 6.51" (165.36mm), width 17.59" (446.66mm), depth / length 22.97" (583.48)

16.4.2 height 6.90" (175.26mm), width (chassis only) 17.22" (437.40mm), depth / length 22.35" (568.06mm)

Measure the case interior with the 32SC dimensions and see if it fits.