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Channel EQ's and compression not activating in Universal Control

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asked Jan 23 in StudioLive Series III by wayneingram2 (130 points)

I've been directed here my Presonus support to ask any "how to" questions. Thank you everyone for taking the time to read my question.

I have a new StudioLive 16r that my band just bought for our new touring in ear monitoring rig. We have it up and running, and are able to get sound into our in ears and all that just fine. The trouble I seem to be having is with the Universal Control app. Each channel has designated EQ and compression on it, but when I activate one of those on any channel it has no effect. As in it appears to be bypassed whether it's on or not. I can completely low pass any channel and it has zero effect on what I hear in my in ears for instance.

I'm pretty new to the software, and the Presonus thing in general. Has anyone else had this issue? I haven't really explored the FAT channel, I simply just wanted to do a bit of light EQing and comp on a vocal and guitar for our in ears. Nothing fancy. It seemed like it should be pretty "turn it on and it works", but in my case it's causing a lot of frustration. Maybe I have the FAT channel activated and that supersedes the basic channel effects?

Any advice would be appreciated. I'm currently not in Boston, MA, which is where the gear lives, so any responses I'm gonna try out when I get back over there later this week. I'm in CA at the moment. But thank you all for your time!

Currently messing around with Universal Control on a Macbook pro, which I can't remember all the specs of but I'm pretty sure its OS X Monterey, if that's helpful to you all. The StudioLive 16r is connected to the laptop over USB. Haven't explored the wireless network side of things yet.


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