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PreSonus Faderport 8 MIDI Mode; change the CC values of the faders to free CC Values

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asked Jan 30, 2023 in Studio One+ Feature Requests by marcusdekker (140 points)

Me from the Cubase forum:
Well happy is maybe a to big a word to describe my state of mind regarding the Faderport 8 in conjunction with Cubase. I use it as follow; In the Project window it manages the volume of each track. Softly touching a fader on the Faderport, makes that track active, the transport buttons and all the other buttons i dont use (!) . I use a gaming mouse with 12 programmable buttons that does all the navigating through the project, record, loop, and other most common Key Commands.
Than the Faderport has MIDI mode. We are now in one VST and we want to contoll the paranamers. In MIDI Mode, every channel of the Faderport has preset CC channels (values). They are; Channel 1; CC1 (modulation), Channel 2; CC11 (Expression), Channel 3; CC 7 (Volume), Chanel 4; CC 10 (Pan), Channel 5; CC5 (Portamento), Channel 6; CC84 (free), Channel 7 ; CC2 (Breath control) and channel 8; CC 16 (free). As you can see most faders are locked to CC channels that are hard wired in most VST’s, like Volume, Modulation, Expression. If you assign them to any other funtion in the VST, the old function will persist and there by making it usseles. So i usualy use the faders on my Arturia Keylab 88 for that, not such nice faders…bat allas.
So am i happy?
No, i’d wich that PreSonus would set the CC Values free, so you can set them yourself (through software), that would make the apperatus much more usefull.

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