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Why have You Not Provided Decksaver The Needed Info To Provide A Cover For The Atom (Or Produce One Yourself)?

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asked Feb 14 in Atom Pad Controllers by rcohen1 (150 points)

Per enclosed, please contact Decksaver directly to provide "heat/numbers behind getting this done" for a cover to be designed/sold to fit the Atom (& Atom SQ) and advise of the resulting correspondence result ASAP. Currently using an inverted squared "salad bowl" (see att.) recently purchased from the local 99cents store for $1.50. :(



Decksaver <info>
Fri, Feb 10 at 12:38 AM

Hi RC,

Thank you for your inquiry and interest in Decksaver products for PreSonus.
At the moment we do not have a cover that fits this PreSonus ATOM Pad Controller.
The tooling and development is quite expensive for each cover so we need to know there are numbers behind getting this done.
It’s been added to the request list and if it starts to get some heat we’ll look at it.

Kind regards,

Decksaver Team
Vacform Group (Yorkshire) Ltd
Unit 1-5 Felnex Square
Felnex Industrial Estate
Leeds LS9 0ST
United Kingdom
+44 (0)113 248 9994

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