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Atom SQ Display not showing correct info for User page

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asked Jul 6, 2021 in Atom Pad Controllers by adammccready (770 points)
Hi there,

I have added some Macros to the User Defined buttons on the Atom SQ but they are no longer being displayed correctly on the SQ window (it was but has changed at some point). Has anyone else experienced this and has a fix or an explanation? I have noticed that occasionally the SQ displays some peculiar symbols and i definitely have to re-assign user defined controls on the knobs for plug ins because Studio One 5.3 pro or the SQ forgets the assignments. The SQ firmware is 1.16.



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answered Jul 12, 2021 by allengarvey (860 points)
selected Jul 12, 2021 by adammccready
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On my support ticket they have now acknowledged this as a bug and will be bringing it to the dev team, so hopefully this will get fixed soon.
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answered Jul 8, 2021 by michaelgagne (160 points)
I have the same problem
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answered Jul 9, 2021 by allengarvey (860 points)
I have the same problem as well, I created a support ticket and have been talking back and forth with them, so Presonus should be aware of the problem. Are you on Windows 10 as well?
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answered Jul 9, 2021 by adammccready (770 points)
Hi chaps,

I’m on Apple OS so I don’t think it is an operating system problem if you are experiencing it on Windows. I think the 5.3 update broke it as the naming was fine on 5.2 but not since the update, for me at least. The user buttons just show the word “macro” by the button now instead of the description of the macro.


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answered Jul 10, 2021 by allengarvey (860 points)
I'm on Windows 10 but double checked on Mac and it is the same problem. Tried 5.2 again and confirmed that it works properly on that version. I added a video of the problem with my support request so hopefully it will be resolved soon.