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Adding producer text notes within S1 Song or Project files

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asked Feb 15 in Editing by (350 points)
So… I have six songs in various stages of writing or production, and I’m going on a two-month vacation where I’ll away from S1 and my production tools. When I return, I’d like to jump back in with as quickly as possible.

I’d like you to add some sort of text entry or to-do checklist system that would allow me to input my comments on items that still need additional attention and fixes to my tracks. This would help to make sure that all potential fixes would be addressed in my multiple projects. Better yet, that these notes could be optionally tagged to a specific mm:ss time on the track.

The text editor itself would be very basic.

This could also be used as a collaboration tool with other participants for comments and suggestions.

Just a thought.

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answered Feb 16 by tothrec (31,210 points)
This is a user forum.  The Presonus development team does not read any of the posts unless they include the "Feature Request" tag and that post gets a lot of positive votes.

FWIW, I use a digital notepad to keep track of my projects.