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How can I fix signal delay when monitor is activated on tracks.?

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asked Feb 28 in Studio One 6 by richardpatrick (120 points)
I installed a demo of Studio One 6 and can not get the delay/echo fixed when I try to monitor the signal input.

I have tried changing the sample/buffer size and it did not help. I am using a Focusrite Scarlett interface.

I read through the section about inserting an effect on an Input Channel, but was not able to follow.

I am looking to replace my obsolete Sonar Producer software with something newer.

Any ideas?

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answered Mar 1 by tothrec (31,720 points)
I think you are trying to describe the latency you are experiencing (the delay between the input source and when you actually hear it through the monitors/headphones).

In Studio One there are two pages where you configure audio processing.

It sounds like you found the first one and set the "device block size".  I'm guessing that you set it to 32 or 64.

Now switch to the Processing tab and change the Dropout Protection to Minimum.

This will provide the lowest level of latency.

I think you also want to check "Use native low latency monitoring instead of hardware monitoring.".

For more information, go to the Help menu and select Studio One Reference Manual

Expand the Recording section and see the "Cue Mixes and Low-latency monitoring" section.

BTW, I also moved to Studio One when SONAR was abandoned.

It has since then been picked up by Bandlab and continues to be maintained and improved.

It is free.