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I have audio for one second but then it mutes, same in every project

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asked Jul 5 in Studio One 6 by matildamavridou (250 points)
Hello, I'm very not technical so please bare with me. I have a Macbook Air, Monterey 12.7, Studio One 6.6 and an Audiobox iTwo. I tried opening a project in studio one when the playback stopped after a few seconds. It's the same with every project, i open it and it plays for a few seconds then it's muted. I feel like I have checked everything, tried to change the block size, downloaded universal control and updated my audiobox through universal control. Changing my sample rate just gives me back sound for a few seconds then it's gone again. There is input signal in studio one but i hear nothing in my headphones. There looks to be some kind of signal from my mic but it doesn't record anything.

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