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Can fader, bus, fx, and master fader be added to the routing window of an insert channel?

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asked Jul 6, 2022 in Mixing by vincentcharleston (350 points)

In the routing part of a track where we work with our inserts, is there a way that the fader, any associated busses, fx channels, and the master fader could be added, or at the very least have an option where we can toggle those things on and off?  This would be very convenient because those of us that don't use the console fully during a mix can make adjustments to not only their inserts, but their busses and fx channels if need be.  I have attached images with the console on and off to show examples.  It would be very convenient to have this option and it may help those that want to make adjustments on an individual level vs going to the console.  I think that this would also help those new to Studio One get a better understanding of signal flow as well.  Thank you!

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