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Allow merging of keyscheme files.

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asked Mar 25, 2023 in Look and Feel by duncanrigby (1,190 points)
I Use a Slate Raven with S1 , I use the the batch commander to launce S1 macros which maps a Raven Button to a Keyboard Shortcut in S1. I have 30 S1 keyscheme Keyboard shortcuts which get wiped each time there is an S1 Update 4>5>6 replaced the Studio One Keyscheme and wiped the shortcuts out. In the Prefs->General->Keyboard Shortcuts->Keyboard Mapping Scheme dropdown you can Import/Export saved Keyschemes, but the import OVERWRITES all the keyschemes keymappings.

The feature request is to have a Merge Import, so my old version (v5 Ravem) Keymappings can be added in to the new (v6) keyscheme file

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