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IOne connect TRS main to single FRFR Headrush

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asked Apr 23 in AudioBox i-Series by pldbrn.117 (120 points)
Hello, what is the proper way to connect a Audiobox IOne to a single Headrush FRFR 112?
The manual only show how it connects their headrush pedal in mono 1 XLR, or stereo with either 2 XLR both connected to a separate FRFR or 1 XLR and 2 FRFR linked via their output XLR.

If I connect 1 TRS main L or R to a single input of a single FRFR I fear losing sound or is this not a issue? The FRFR has 2 inputs but I can't find any info on the suggested way to connect a L/R TRS to it.

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