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Drum Replacer and Vocal Aligning Stock VST Idea

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asked Apr 28, 2023 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by rubymusicstudios (260 points)

I accidentally posted on the wrong forum so please excuse the grey around the texts. just copied and posted over.

I just had two plugin ideas as well which I think could be cool. I love the Melodyne integration in S1 it makes working with it so much easier. I think it would be cool if we could take pitch editing further by introducing a plugin similar to what Cubase has of a Vocalign type Stock Plugin. Something where you can side chain it to the track that you want to time align it with and for it to scan the waveforms like Vocalign does and for you to control how close you would like the audio to be aligned with the track you've chosen. I think something like this would make Vocal Editing really powerful in S1 and stand out. 

I have also been thinking about a Drum Replacment Plugin. I think something that could really take S1 further would to be adding a Drum Trigger/Drum Replacement Plugin. Something inspired by UVI could be cool where you can also load third party VST's into this or even better have UVI integration like Melodyne. 

Would love to know peoples thoughts!

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