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Make Bus and Pack Folders quicker

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asked Apr 28, 2023 in Studio One 6 by rubymusicstudios (260 points)

Moving on to some workflow features. I did use Bitwig Studios when testing out what DAW to move to after switching from Mac to Windows before settling with S1. One feature that they have in their workflow which I think could be cool in S1 is that when you create a folder stack or a Pack Folder it automatically makes that a bus. I think something like this would be nice in S1 as it can save time creating a Pack Folder and then a Bus separately (unless their is a faster way to do this that I've missed because I can be an idiot). Maybe when you create a Pack Folder as well as the text box appearing a box underneath could also show saying 'Create Bus for this Pack Folder?' allowing you the choice to either have everything in that Pack Folder as a Bus or for you to do it separately. I know it takes only a couple seconds to create a bus for a Pack Folder but something that already cuts that out like this can save time in projects and is just an idea. 

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answered May 1, 2023 by Daw Stew (12,330 points)
You can create a macro to do that. Just combine the pack folder function and Add Bus for Selected Tracks