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Arrange View - Range selection or Create range including Global Tracks

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asked May 1 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by samirelborno (8,390 points)
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I have recently learned about Dorico, a music notation software that has a feature called System Track. This feature allows the user to easily select, edit, and manipulate bars of music in a graphical way.

I think Studio One could benefit from a similar feature, which I call the Global Range Track. This would be a new global track that lives in the global tracks area in the arrange view, and provides a unified way editing sections of all events included in a range.

The Global Range Track would automatically calculate bar-long events based on the zoom level and display them as range blocks. The user could select one or more range blocks by clicking or shift-clicking on them, and then perform various actions such as deleting, duplicating, or inserting time. The range selection would also affect everything vertically in the arrangement, making it easy to edit multiple tracks at once. The range actions would respect the ripple edit mode, so that earlier or later events could be shifted accordingly.

The Global Range Track would also allow the user to freely draw global ranges by holding command/control and using the range tool. This would enable more precise and flexible selection of any part of the arrangement.

The Global Range Track would be a powerful and intuitive feature that could enhance the consistency and usability of the Studio One interface. It could appeal to both beginners and power users who want to work faster and smarter with their music projects.


Older parts of this request:

here is a use case I have to deal with often.

I have a .song with multiple Scratch Pads and the current Arrange View looks like this:

Now I would like to clean up a certain area in the main arrange view:

Therefor I propose that you enable us to range select with the range tool in the ruler area so a global Range selection gets drawn over everything including global tracks also an added menu entry under "Select" and a key command to "Create Ranges Globally" .

here is a mockup how it looks like once a Range is drawn or "created"

that way I could easily delete/cut/copy/paste sections of a song without involving macros; arranger events etc

Of course once you range select everything it should also select it's tracks including global tracks for visual feedback regarding UX!

Here is another Idea!

What about a separate "Range" track in the Global tracks area?
In the Range track lane the mouse cursor will automatically change into the range tool.
If the user draws a range = all tracks including global tracks will be highlighted!

Here a rough animated Version done in Motion 5

This feature would make the overall range editing workflow more cohesive as it will be reflected on global tracks as well!

When I talk about "draw a range including global tracks" I of course suggest that this would be my preferred way to range select and then cut/copy/paste/duplictate/delete "EVERYTHING" = Time, Events, Automation, Signature, Tempo, Chords, Arrange Markers without the need to rely on Arranger Markers for these editing purposes alone. 

Especially in sound to picture workflows or game audio not relying on Arranger Markers has great benefits.
My suggested way of this additional editing workflow is great because we can use Arrange Markers for what they are = a tool to make arranging a song/ piece of music easier.

I am trying make myself clear. My FR has the intention to give people who love using the Range Tool for all sorts of editing a more logical and cohesive way of editing a section of time including global events that also visually represents what is going on while range editing a section.

At the moment if you use the command "create range" it will only create a vertical range over all tracks excluding global events!
It's correct behaviour as it never implies that it would include tempo, markers etc.
For that we would need a "create global range" (FR incoming) which would create a range as shown in my mockup + drawing a range over everything including global tracks and events.

This FR is all about the ability to draw a range (like we can on tracks and events) over everything including global events which visually represents the edit and then let us cut/copy/paste/duplicate or delete everything in that range!

It is about a global approach to the range editing paradigm regarding to workflow and visually representation of such edits!

Here is an example taken from Pro Tools

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