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Karaoke-type lyrics display

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asked May 5, 2023 in Look and Feel by thomaskane (180 points)

The current lyrics display seems oriented toward use by someone using the lyrics display to read lyrics while recording or perhaps while giving a Studio One Show. As a computer programmer myself I think a few minor changes could make Studio One Shows into a really powerful product, namely, having a karaoke-type screen. I perform in retirement homes and my audiences want to sing along to lyrics. It would be great if you could make the lyrics display:

  1. Be a floating window (which I think it already is) that could be moved to a separate monitor;
  2. Be made a full screen display (i.e., no caption bar);
  3. Have selectable background and font colors, and font types; and 
  4. Have the lyrics move from individual word to word. 

You could also go crazy and show either a graphic or a video in the background while the lyrics display. I realize that no software can do everything for everyone, but you are so close to this "Karaoke" addition right now....

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answered Dec 11, 2023 by ShawnBrown1749 (280 points)
I see where you are going with this, and I agree, this would be a nice addition. One that I would prioritize along with this and actually even ahead would be a more straight forward approach to aligning lyrics with the music.  The method of dragging the lyrics and aligning after a copy and paste is very tedious. It would be nice if from the EDIT screen of Lyrics, if you one could either enter a time of which to start on that track for each line OR enter the time for the first line, then the number of seconds after for each line following.


be able to drag from the EDIT screen of lyrics to the spot on the track and drop.