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Karaoke-type lyrics display

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asked May 5 in Look and Feel by thomaskane (160 points)

The current lyrics display seems oriented toward use by someone using the lyrics display to read lyrics while recording or perhaps while giving a Studio One Show. As a computer programmer myself I think a few minor changes could make Studio One Shows into a really powerful product, namely, having a karaoke-type screen. I perform in retirement homes and my audiences want to sing along to lyrics. It would be great if you could make the lyrics display:

  1. Be a floating window (which I think it already is) that could be moved to a separate monitor;
  2. Be made a full screen display (i.e., no caption bar);
  3. Have selectable background and font colors, and font types; and 
  4. Have the lyrics move from individual word to word. 

You could also go crazy and show either a graphic or a video in the background while the lyrics display. I realize that no software can do everything for everyone, but you are so close to this "Karaoke" addition right now....

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