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Overhaul of Tempo detection in Studio One.

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asked Jun 3 in Editing by garethsimpson (410 points)
Really dislike the tempo tools & mapping in Studio One.

Using Melodyne, embedding tempo info into stems...

Getting WAV's to warp with the grid...

I have no bright suggestions about how to do it differently, nor a clear use-case for you to analyse.

I just don't where it is now and I want something 'easier'.

I also found the learning curve with tempo detection and warping quite long.

I mentioned this on Facebook, and anecdotally I felt that  MODS and evangelists started picking a fight with me, telling me to watch YouTube videos... this might not actually be fair representation of how they replied and just my biases speaker - I'm more than capable to watching a YouTube video and reading a Wiki... and I still don't like the tempo mapping, detection...

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