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Request to add MIDI Notes to MIDI Learn

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asked Jun 3 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by stanch (370 points)
edited Jun 3 by stanch
Currently MIDI Learn function of External Devices only works with MIDI CC (Control Change) so only faders/encoders can be assigned to a particular function in Studio One. However most MIDI controllers use MIDI notes for buttons, so users are forced to convert MIDI Notes to CC in 3rd party software in order for Learn function learn buttons.

I use X-touch, it's Mackie Control is limited in Studio One so MIDI Learning is imperative. Other controllers (including Faderport) don't provide functionality that I need for live mixing.

Please add MIDI Notes to MIDI Learn: exclusion of MIDI Notes is a surprise and doesn't make sense. Full MIDI Learning rather than CC only - would make Studio One move versatile.

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answered Jun 3 by stanch (370 points)
To clarify: I'm taking about EXTERNAL DEVICES functionality which deals with Surface Controllers.
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answered Jun 16 by robinrick (170 points)
I absolutely agree on this.

we (my band and I) just bought a drum sample-pad and want to trigger the "Show" transport controls (for backingtrack purposes). This is simply not possible, because the sample-pad only sends normal midi notes and thereĀ“s no way to assign any normal midi note to transport control in studio one.