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How do I change the step size when using a MIDI controller shuttle/jog wheel with Studio One 6.5

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asked Oct 21, 2023 in Studio One 6 by aaronheverin (140 points) 1 flag
I'm using a Mackie Control Universal with Studio One Pro 6.5 and it's working perfectly. However, I'm creating a soundtrack to a film using the video track in Studio One, and every time I rotate the shuttle/jog wheel on the MCU, the playback head jumps by 2 seconds with each "click" of the wheel. It's very difficult to insert audio cues in exactly the right moment in the video without being able to move the playback head to precisely where it needs to be... or at least very close. Therefore, is there any way (by using "MIDI learn, perhaps) to set the shuttle wheel where turning it advance the playback head by FRAMES rather than seconds?

Thanks for the help.

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