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Get 1 MIDI CC message and map this to multiple different CC messages on different channels with diff. values (0-127)

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asked Sep 23, 2022 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by mbmmusic (580 points)
edited Apr 29, 2023 by mbmmusic

This feature would not only enable you to receive a single MIDI CC message and redistribute this message to different MIDI outs and channels, but also to redefine what you are sending out. It should be integrated as an option for the control elements in the external devices editing view.

If you would integrate that feature you could e.g.:

  • Control multiple mixer buttons or faders by manipulating just one button or fader. That would make the mixer much smarter.
  • You could automate a PFL and onAir button for "phone-calls" in a podcast or broadcast situation.
  • Or you could alternate between the muting of two or more channels, groups or busses without using a complicated VCA setup.


from MIDI IN chan. 1, CC 7, value 1 => [(MIDI OUT chan. 2, CC 8, value 100),
                                       (MIDI OUT chan. 15, CC 64, value 0
                                       (MIDI OUT chan. 12, CC 78, value 1)]

This is so ridiculous. Someone voted that down. If you don't understand what it's good for, just press CTRL + w!

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