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Presonus 24R over fiber

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asked Jun 4 in StudioLive Series III by mikaelressem (160 points)
Hi there,
We need some technical expertise and insight from you!

We are building a new production system, where we will run all communication between stage rack and FHO with fiber, 24 single mode (Neutrik OpticalCON MPO24)
In the stage rack we have a Presonus 24R which we want to use as a sound card/or mixer when this is necessary.

We will also run video signals over the same fiber.
Our question is how we can most easily communicate with 24R over fiber - AVB or Dante??
At FOH, we want to use StudioOne or ProTools for recording lights in stereo or multitrack onto the Macbook Pro. We also have a StudioLive 32, but this is only used for special needs.

How do you think we can solve this in the best possible way?


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