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Adding a separate monitoring output

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asked Jun 8 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by deshtat (120 points)

Is it technically possible to add a "headphone" output via an update of the Revelator io24 or Universal Control in addition to "Playback", "Virtual output A" and "Virtual output B"?

I can choose between "Playback", "Virtual Output A" and "Virtual Output B" outside of the universal control software.
I want to know if you can add a "Headphone" output on this list.

This output doesn't need to be visible on Universal Control just be selectable outside of it (Windows, OBS, etc...).
It would be a way to send a sound directly on the headphones plugged on the revelator io24 without going through "Playback", "Virtual Output A" and "Virtual Output B" .

To explain why it would be useful for me, I am curently using the 3 outputs on my revelator io24 to stream on OBS (one for my PC and games, one for my music and one for discord) and I have alerts that are only played on my live stream with OBS and that I want to monitor.
If I choose to monitor it on one of my 3 outputs that are already in use, my viewers will hear the alert double and sound weird.
If a "Headset" output is created, I could choose it to monitor my alerts directly in my headphone and my viewers would hear it just once.

Can you tell me if it's possible to make this update ?

Thank you

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