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Please link Pre Roll and Auto Punch In, as well as add Post Roll and Record after Auto Punch In

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asked Jun 9, 2023 in Recording by mikesupina (6,390 points)
Please combine these and add to :)

Pre roll is great because it automatically goes according to however many bars you set, but the problem is it keeps recording past the punch in section. When you use Auto Punch in, you have to manually select the area, then move the cursor up top, then it will auto punch in, but stop recording immediately after your punch out point, which leaves no room for trimming the audio in either direction in case your punch point didn't work. If they were combined, you get the benefit of making a selection on the area you want to punch, hit record with an independent pre AND post roll, auto punch in and out on the selection, AND continue recording UNDER the audio at the end by the specified Post Roll which then auto stops the transport. It makes for much easier AND cleaner punching in where the only thing you have to do is slide the crossfades IF you came in a bit too early or ended a pinch too soon. Otherwise, you have to stop playing your instrument, press space bar, drag the audio back to the punch point, listen-- was it wrong? Do it again, redo and so forth.

The options I'm suggesting is literally make selection, press record, audio records underneath before AND after selected punch in area, and then auto stops the transport and recording. Was the take sloppy? Hit one button--Record and it does it all over again with one button.

Please consider :) although I'm mostly tracking and mixing in Studio One now, this is one of the things Pro Tools does so effectively that I miss because of workflow and time saving. It's just a much easier and effective way to do punch ins.

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answered Aug 25, 2023 by jenkinsdesign79 (150 points)
I definitely agree with this post. Just started using Studio One and was surprised when I could not drag the take out a little farther when the last note was cut off on punch-in. Pre and post punch recording happens automatically in Reaper and is a huge help when you need to fine tune punch ins. If you could add this feature it would be very helpful.