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Bend marker editing shortcuts (move markers with keyboard)

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asked Jun 15 in Look and Feel by Timlod (150 points)
There is currently the option to navigate transients with TAB/CTRL-Backspace.

It would be a productivity gamechanger in fixing timing if one could move/nudge the bendmarkers with some keyboard shortcuts.

Bend marker detection often not perfect, so to fix microtiming I would imagine a workflow like this:

1. TAB to next transient, insert bend marker

2. modified Left/Right arrow key to slightly move the bendmarker to the left or right if it wasn't perfect

3. another modified Left/Right arrow key to bend the audio left or right

Repeat for all onsets, quickly skipping through the ones that are fine.

Right now I have to manually scroll and mouse drag and drop individual bendmarkers, often toggling snap in between. I think this suggestion would greatly speed up this workflow.

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