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Capture recorded first set. Second set stopped after 45 minutes, and could not restart as Capture never found 32R again

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asked Jul 25, 2023 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by davidtauberg (140 points)

Got a great first set with Capture and 32R, no issues , easy as can be.  Started second set, recorded for 45 minutes then stopped. Tried to restart and Capture could not find 32R. Rebooted mixer, laptop, even reinstalled Capture, nothing.  Have a HP Laptop using USB connection. Windows 10.What was interesting was the Unverisal Control panel on laptop was connecting to 32R. Had 350 gig memory available on internal hard drive. Nothing else plugged into laptop. No 32R showing up.  Have used same stuff w 16R , never have had an issue.

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