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Copy and paste selected tracks'/folders' properties just like editing cells on Excel

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asked Jul 28, 2023 in Editing by kuboharu (200 points)

If you pasted text with multiple lines from clipboard to track/folder name, only the first line of the text will be pasted.
If it was on Excel, the text will pasted across multiple cells.

There are no options to copy selected tracks properties.
If you want make another tracks have same properties like name, color, delay, transpose, icon and else,  you have to clone tracks and move events from old ones to new ones, then delete old ones.
If it was on Excel, copied data contain all properties and cell formats, and you can choose pasted data format.

Replacing them to S1, 

  1. You get "Copy tracks properties" menu for selected tracks/folders that allows you to copy the all of items' properties including track name, color, icon, input, output, delay, transpose and so on.
  2. You get "Paste track properties" menu for selected tracks that allows you to paste everything or filter out which properties to be pasted.
This is similar to "Duplicate", but the workflow will be very different.

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