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Can I apply / copy cuts to another file or sample?

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asked Sep 4, 2018 in Editing by philippvonbselager (230 points)

For several times, I manually have edited ("quantized") a set of drum tracks. Two situations have occurred that made me wish I could copy (or apply) the cut positions of one event (in track A) to another one (in track B). The situations were either that I had forgotten to include one track to my editing set (maybe the HiHat or the BassDrum Out track) or StudioOne showed some unpredictable behavior, when I further cut a grouped set of tracks, in which the toms already had been trimmed.

The desired workflow would be:

  • select all cut events from track A
  • say "Apply cuts to another track" in context menu "Event"
  • left-click the target event

Time alignment should simply follow the beginning of the events.

I don't know whether this feature exists in other DAWs. This is definitely a special feature request but could save you tons of time.

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