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I want the ability to use a midi input method like logic pro or FL Studio!

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asked Aug 28, 2023 in MIDI Editing by tarotanaka1565 (200 points)
Translated using deepl. Sorry if it is hard to read.

Studio one is one of the easiest of the many DAWs to use for midi input, but we have suggestions to make it even better.

When you want to type a series of notes of subtle length, it is very time-consuming to copy and paste them each time. It is also time-consuming when you want to type in the same velocity as the previous note.

In such a case, the function of taking over the length and velocity of the midi that has been inputted by logic pro or Fl studio can be useful.

Presonus has a reputation for incorporating new features. Has there ever been a great DAW that could switch between a midi input method like Cubase and a midi input method like Logic? No, not yet, and I sincerely hope that Studio one will be the first to include this great feature.

Thank you for reading.

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answered Oct 15, 2023 by AlonsoUrmeneta (760 points)
Upvoted, I want this so bad too