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MIDI/Instrument Part copy behavior

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asked Sep 5 in MIDI Editing by eddieziegler (260 points)
I'd like a feature added that retains all MIDI data in Instrument Parts, even those sections that aren't currently visible in the timeline. Currently in 6.2 (with "No overlap when editing events" enabled) whenever I duplicate/copy a portion of an Instrument Part and then try to resize the front or back of that Instrument Part there is no MIDI data present, even if the source Instrument Part had MIDI data there. Audio events do not behave this way in Studio One, and MIDI events don't behave this way in most other DAWs.

The same goes for Instrument Parts that were partially copied OVER: if I then try to drag resize that partially overlapped Instrument Part then any MIDI data that was overlapped is no longer there. Again this is not how audio events behave in Studio One so it'd be nice if MIDI events (Instrument Parts) worked the same way,

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