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Can you provide a "Keyboard layout" interface for keyboard shortcuts?

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asked Sep 12, 2023 in Studio One+ Feature Requests by thomasbelknap (180 points)
edited Sep 12, 2023 by thomasbelknap

The keyboard shortcuts menu is certainly helpful. But in truth, most of us experience keyboard shortcuts as a kind of haptic experience of mapping our keyboard to our tasks, not as a memorized list of functions and key assignments. Furthermore, it can be difficult to know what bindings are on which keys simply by looking at the list. Since so many keywords in music production have the same first letter (think split and save), space on each key is at a premium and I would like to be able to manage it on a per-key, rather than per-function basis. It would be super-helpful then to have a keyboard layout view of your shortcuts.

My idea is that you have a view of a keyboard in the "Keyboard Shortcuts" tab of Preferences. The keys that are currently assigned to any shortkey combination will be highlighted. So, "S" is highlighted because "S" is mapped to "solo track" and "Shift + Cmd + S" is mapped to global solo, by default. This list might also be color-coded by the total number of assignments. You might further filter the list by holding the shift key down to see only those assigned to "Shift + [key]" mappings, or holding "Cmd + Shift" down to see those assigned to "Cmd + Shift + [key]" events.

Clicking on a key will reveal a larger view of that key, with each mapping for that key listed inside of it. There will be a button on the top that allows a user to add a new combination to that key.

Place the button below the keyboard assignment inputs

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