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Separate areas of the same shortcuts

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asked May 15 in Studio One+ Feature Requests by el1704a (310 points)

After switching from Logic Pro, I have been trying to deal with hot keys for 3 months now. Combinations just end .. In Logic, as far as I understand, there are areas in which the same keys work. For example, I'm in the loop browser and when I press the space bar, the arrangement starts playing, not the loops from the browser. And so on. In my opinion, it would be convenient if the hot keys were divided into areas. For example, the M key in the Arrange window is responsible for one function, and the same M key in the Edit window is responsible for another function. And some global keys work in all areas.
For me, this is one of the main stones of prejudice, because of which I still doubt whether I should stay in the studio1.

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answered Sep 3 by tothrec (31,720 points)
So basically you are asking to have Studio One to behave more like Logic?

Go to Keyboard Shortcuts and look at the bottom right-hand corner.

Open Keyboard mapping scheme and choose Logic.