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How do I get Studio One to find my third party plug-in?

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asked Sep 13 in Studio One 6 by PBasse (120 points)
Hey everyone.
I've just bought and installed DMG Audio's TrackComp 2 but the plug-in only shows up in AU in Studio One. When I run the plugin in AU-mode it doesn't work, acting as if there's no signal being sent to the plugin. Has anyone encountered this problem before with this or another plug-in and knows how to fix it?

I have checked the plug-in manager in Studio One. Tried reinstalling the plug-in and so forth.

I also use Reaper occasionally and the plug-in shows up there in both VST and VST3.

I'm running the newest version of Studio One 6 (universal - not rosetta) on a Macbook M1 Pro with Mac Ventura Version 13.5.1.

Hope someone can be of help. Thanks.

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