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Presonus controllers seems not really fragile and they look cheap

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asked Sep 26, 2023 in Atom Pad Controllers by thierrymenard (1,000 points)
Atom Pad and all Presonus controllers look cheap, built with fragile materials and not really solid so they wont last long.

Take a look at Fader Master or SSL or Native Instruments or Avid controllers.  They look good, solid and last long and more

 professional.  I would prefer having one of them.  And for the Fader Pro series, their faders should have a resistance to avoid

drastic volume changes and more control over the midi cc parameters we want to modulate to avoid drastic changes.  And again,

Studio One should implant pitch automation like in Ableton Live.  And more powerful Mai Tai synth and better quality Presence XT

instruments or affiliation with virtual instruments companies like Spitfire Audio or Cinesamples.  That's it.


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