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Edit and Mix Windows need pins so they stay open while toggling between the two with F2 and F3

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asked Feb 6 in Look and Feel by JeffreyBenson96 (400 points)
edited Feb 6 by JeffreyBenson96
I've got the track view open on my left monitor, and the Edit and Mix windows stacked on the right monitor.  I want to be able to alternate between the Mix and Edit windows being on top (front) by toggling F2 and F3, but what happens is that the windows close if they're open, making it not work so great.  I have to press the shortcut key either once or twice, depending on if they're already open or not.

Could you add a pin to the windows.  If they're pinned, then pressing F2 or F3 would bring the respective window to the front, instead of closing them if they're open.

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