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Please build a controller like the console 1 that allows universal plugin mapping to common defined knobs!

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asked Sep 29, 2023 in FaderPort Series Feature Requests by matttabor (380 points)
I was excited when I heard about the new Console 1 MK3 but it is the same old locked-down hardware device.  We would love for you guys to design a universal or Studio One-specific piece of hardware to complement the fader port for fast, muscle memory mixing.  Essentially, the device would be designed similarly to the layout of the Console 1 device with defined sections for Gate, Filters, EQ, Compressor, Sends, Pan, etc. With all common controls labeled on the device.  This way, you could map all of your EQ and Compressor controls to the same labeled knobs establishing muscle memory.  Imagine being able to reach for the same threshold knob across any of your compressor plugins or always knowing this knob over there is the lowpass filter regardless of the SSL, Neve, or API EQ applied.  Any knob-based plugin could be mapped to this device, not just the proprietary software that you are stuck with on Console 1 and the SSL UC1.  I know I would easily pay $1200 for something like that.

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answered Oct 8, 2023 by lorrismusic (1,470 points)
Wouldn't ATOM SQ work for that? it have 8 knobs, i'm sure if they update the firmware with more menu and use of shift key this could be achieved