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S1 would be the best DAW if...

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asked Jan 29 in Editing by thierrymenard (1,000 points)
I believe that Studio One woud be the best DAW if it was possible to automate the pitch of audio clips like in Ableton Live, also with Surround mixing and more complex development of MaiTai, Sample One and Presence XT, and also Mojito, but MaTai could take over Mojito.  Impact XT is at his top of being.  it doesn't need anythins else i believe.  The stock synths and sampler should be more developed, and complexifyed like 3d part synths  and/or maybe partnership with 3d parties, like Phaseplant Kiloheart's synth or UVI Falcon or something like that.  That's it.  it's all i have to say to contribute to make S1 the best DAW it could be over among all the other DAW's that exists.  Ciao !   :>)))

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answered Feb 25 by mehit (1,060 points)
it's already the best daw