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Allow users to export multiple audio files to the same folder with the appropriate name

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asked Oct 25, 2023 in Editing by paulvash (220 points)

I recently upgraded from version 4 pro to version 6.5 pro. I am a voiceover artist and will record a script to a track, then edit and export the track as multiple audio files. Previously, I would move the markers (Start & "2", for example), change the name of the audio (ex: slide 1, slide 2, etc.) and the files would all save to the same Mixdown folder. Now when I perform the same actions two undesirable things happen: 1) Each file saves to a unique folder, 2) each file is saved with a suffix of the marker used (ex: Slide 1 - 01 Start).

I am creating hundreds of audio files from a single track, I cannot have them all save to unique folders with names that I did not define. Please allow users to change this setting or I am afraid I will have to use another DAW and that is not something I wish to do!

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