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asked Nov 9, 2023 in Editing by dotcom12161984 (4,340 points)
I'm wondering if this is currently possible......

I have a vocal event and i add a vocal chain to my event via event fx.  I make a track for a delay, another track with another effect chain, rinse and repeat....

I want to split up my initial vocal event with the event fx chain still active (not rendered).....currently i notice that editing the event fx chain is not shared between the split events.  I want the current option but also the option to have ghost copies of the event fx so i can manipulate the vocal chain on each split event simultaneously as if i had that vocal chain on each of the new tracks i made with the delay, and other effect tracks so i can just drag and drop phrases onto the different fx tracks and. have only one vocal effects chain as opposed to a new one being created each time i split the event,

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